Time saving Twitter Activity

social-media-iconsWith much amusement this week, one of our clients at Bristol Marketing explained how he’s taken time management to a new extreme. Often we’re asked how much time a small business should spend on social media. We explain that you have to add it to your working routine. The answer is quite simply to create a workable routine and to add content to your social media streams whenever you can. In one conversation we had with a client in Bristol, he explained that he has actually found a place that he can go to write his blog articles without being disturbed by clients, customers or the telephone. Using his smartphone to write, he has found that the office toilet offers a perfect barrier to distraction and he has started churning out at least one blog a week. At first we were flushed to discover where our solid social media training was being utilised, but rather than wash our hands of this information, we coined the phrase “blog in the bog” but having thought about it, we actually thought we’d blog about the blog in the bog.

Now, we want to make it very clear that we are not writing this in a water closet and we’re using a laptop rather than a smartphone. However a blog is written, it’s the content that counts. If a social media client finds a way to write consistently help build content on their website and educate through social media, we’re all in favour – especially if he remains regular in his blogging activities.

marketing customer satisfactionBusiness blogs are a very important way to communicate with your customers, build your brand, promote your services and create content to use in your social media strategy. It also provides a boost for your SEO through creating fresh content for your website. As a business owner that’s good at what you do, writing blog articles is a great way to show off your expertise. Your passion for what you do is also likely to filter through to your writing. The best person to blog about their business is the business owner or manager, but it’s a task that can be fun to share with the whole company and provide even more content.

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