About Us

Bristol Marketing is a young and vibrant marketing agency based in the heart of Bristol with links to London and throughout the UK. Created at a time when the UK economy is growing again, it combines the skills of several freelancers and small business that have worked together to survive one of the toughest recessions in a century. In order to survive, everyone involved in Bristol Marketing has played a part in keeping their clients in business through tough times and kept their business growing in order to be retained.

We have combined our skills to offer clients the very best in creative design, online marketing, copywriting and content marketing. Understanding how marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online trends have developed over the last decade has helped develop the reputations of our team members as industry leading experts in their fields.

Bristol Marketing try to lead by example, working to keep our overheads low and passing on those savings to our customers in the form of competitive pricing. Our attention to detail and determination to delight on every project.