branding Bristol MarketingBristol Marketing agency is home to a team experts in developing positive brands for start-up companies and improving brand reputation for small businesses, charities and third party organisations.

What does your business brand say about you?

How many times do you hear that “first impressions count”?  Enough to know it’s a fair statement? With business, as with people, what you look like (in print, online and face to face in store, through staff and through your communications) says a great deal about your company.

Your company needs to attract customers, negotiate with suppliers and make a profit if it is to succeed. Your brand plays a vital role in this process and starts to have an impact before someone first comes into contact with your business. It begins when they first hear about or see you. Creating a strong brand and projecting a powerful image will draw in customers and give you the upper hand in business negotiations.

Your brand isn’t just your company logo, it’s everything.

brand-chalkYour brand is much bigger than your logo. It’s like cells in the human body, it needs to flow through every part of your company. It’s the look, feel, culture and reputation. Your brand is the essence of your business, visually, it impacts the way your identity appears – your logo, business stationery, the sign above the door, your website, newsletter, leaflets, brochures, presentations, even Christmas cards.

It’s the impression a customer gets when they come into contact with you – the way they are treated by staff, the quality of service they receive, the tidiness and cleanliness of your store or office.

It’s the thing that they talk about to other potential customers. Were they impressed by what you offered? Did you leave them happy and satisfied? Did they feel special? Were they impressed with what they saw? Will they be excited enough to tell friends to come with or visit you next time?

Here at Bristol Marketing, we work to ensure your business brand is as strong and positive as possible, generating positive reviews and recommendations.

Take control of your brand – manage your business reputation

marketing-bar-codeBranding is a dynamic and interactive process. To create a strong, instantly recognisable brand that says “great reputation, brilliant products and fantastic customer service” is not easy. It takes skill, constant effort and dedication.

Bristol Marketing makes the process easy. We’ll work with you to assess your brand, find out what your reputation is currently and help you get it where you want it to be. Whether you’re a start-up business looking to create a new brand, a marketing or brand manager with a specific set of goals to achieve, or a business owner looking for  a company that can assess and manage your company brand, talk to Bristol Marketing today and we’ll find a way to deliver your requirements effectively, on time and on budget.