Bristol Street Art adds Marketing Depth to City

Bristol Marketing BrandingOne of the best things for a Marketing agency based in Bristol is the creativity you can see all over the city. Bristol has long been seen as a creative hub and Bristol Mayor George Ferguson (Independent) has been quoted as saying he wants to create the label of “Creative City UK” for Bristol. Creative Marketing can learn a lot from looking at the works of art available across the city. They may not be in the National Galleries, but Bristol has some high quality designs all over the city centre central suburbs.

Buzzfeed contributor Eleanor Willock has collected some of the finest works of art in Bristol brilliantly on the popular social media site. Photographs are by Paul Green Photography. In Bristol, street art has been used for marketing everything from city icons such as Banksy, local events including the St Pauls Carnival, one of the best Caribbean Carnivals in the United Kingdom and many street art commissions are used to spruce up the city and bring vibrancy and colour to an already naturally beautiful corner of the country.

For marketers and creative thinking minds, the street art of Bristol opens up thoughts and ideas, helps people think outside of the box and enhances the city’s ability to support creative services. They also provide sought after backdrops for television, film, music and online videos, helping the Bristol production thrive in recent years. Barely day goes by when there’s not a celebrity in town for a shoot and the BBC have invested in their Wildlife and Food television show production heavily in Bristol. Animations are also thriving with the success of Chicken Run and, Wallace and Gromit and the next hit silver screen film, Shaun the Sheep.

Nick Walker Bristol Office Art MarketingFor small business, marketing agencies in Bristol are able to harness some incredible talent when it comes to creative design and website design. The openness and appealing environment of Bristol also means that many creative sector works are keen to move or resettle in the city, adding to the design skills pool available.

As a young marketing agency, the idea of commissioning one of these talented street artists for commercial purposes might seem like an attempt to harness anarchy to those that think of street art as graffiti but in Bristol it is impossible to ignore the talents of the artists. How many marketing consultancies or marketing agencies can suggest a building livery or street art designs as a way to develop a local brand? At Bristol Marketing, it is something we can be proud of.


Check out the full 30 photographs on Buzzfeed here.