Flexibility Gives Bristol Businesses a Marketing Edge

Flexibility is set to be one of the business buzzwords of 2015. Businesses that can be flexible in terms of providing exact needs of individual customers and be available at the time the customer calls going to steal a march on their competition. This should be great news for small businesses as they can take advantage of this. Flexibility can greatly improve the ability of small businesses to build successful marketing plans by providing a great customer experience are

Businesses in Bristol can benefit from the flexibility approach. Bristol has long been known as slightly more relaxed than any other British city. Leading UK newspaper and Online media channel, The Guardian describes Bristol as: “a laid-back city with great architecture and a vibrant arts and music scene”. It’s that attitude that can create flexibility when it comes to opening and closing times, going the extra mile to provide customers with a great experience and building brand loyalty.

Bristol Marketing Flexible CreativeA small business that pays close attention to what customers needs from them and adapts to deliver what they want already has a strong grasp of good marketing. Creating a marketing plan around the customers’ needs rather than the company’s marketing goals is also likely to see those marketing goals being met. One advantage that small businesses have is the ability to develop a real relationship with customers on an individual basis as well as through social media. Small businesses can use social media to extend their relationships rather than try to create them in a way that can often feel patronising and false when large companies try to do so.

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Freelancers or self employed professionals such as personal shoppers, graphic designers, SEO specialists and copywriters will also need to develop a personal understanding of their clients because their work represents a visual extension of the businesses they work for. A good copywriter will produce articles and quality marketing material in the language and become part of the brand identity for their clients. In order to work with a wide range of clients, rather than a niche sector, many business service professionals need to remain flexible and creative in order to work across several market sectors at any one time.

Small Business Customer Service MarketingLocal business and small businesses that can become flexible in their opening times, cater for individual customer needs, stock specialist products on request or go the extra mile to deliver the best possible levels of customer satisfaction will often develop a following of loyal customers that will bring friends and acquaintances across from the competition and help create a solid, vibrant and profitable company and maintain Bristol’s reputation as a city for thriving small businesses.