Why Local Marketing and Mobile Internet is changing SEO

SEO Bristol Marketing Local Here at Bristol Marketing, we believe that in 2015, localised and mobile searches will be the most important areas for improvements in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). With that in mind, it’s important that we work with our clients to ensure they perform well on local searches and that their websites are optimised for mobile phone and tablet compatibility.

In order to ensure our client’s websites are attracting the right traffic and converting visitors to paying customers in accordance with their marketing goals, it’s vital that we do everything we can to ensure websites in 2015 are built upon the very latest technical SEO criteria..

Right here are four concerns you should be ready to address for your Web development group in 2015.

Your Website Must Be Mobile Friendly for 2015

Bristol Digital MarketingDevelopers have been addressing the relevance of mobile-friendly websites for a long period of time. With the annual update to leading smartphone models such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, many small businesses find that using a WordPress template that is mobile-compatible is the easiest way to maintain a website that fits its marketing needs and complies with Google’s mobile-friendly standards – vital to avoid picking up penalties and missing SEO targets.
It seems inevitable that your customers’ Internet use is going to becoming increasingly mobile, and your business goals should reflect that. This can be done through your marketing planning and research of your own customers’ online habits. It might also mean educating your own team on brand-new mobile website technology or updates when they come out or learning more regarding app indexing if you do not have experience in that location if you do not use a marketing or online agency to manage your website for you.

Bristol Marketing Small BusinessIs your business ready for local search?

With the Google Pigeon algorithm appearing in July of this year, it is a given that Google will be looking closely at the local search results, improving and developing it’s algorithm to provide better and more accurate search results for Google users. It seems certain there is even more to come for local search in 2015.

Whether you use a marketing agency or web development agency, it is important to ensure your businesses name, address, and contact number (NAP) show up clearly in in HTML on your website so they can be crawled by Google. If you rely on local trade and have a shop front, you should include NAP details in your business’ header and footer as well.
Local search is challenging but it seems that after a decade of working for the benefit of big business, Google is now turning its attention to supporting small business and making it easier for local business to succeed with SEO and online marketing.

Local Search Engine Optimisation will continue to be a major challenge, so it’s essential that your online marketing (website and social media) development is based on a solid SEO foundation and social media programme to enable your website to deliver customers and increased profitability.

Working with Small Businesses For SEO Success

Bristol Balloon FiestaAt Bristol Marketing, we work with clients to customise their WordPress websites so that they remain unique and cost a fraction of a custom built website, saving thousands of pounds for our clients on development costs.

As a new business ourselves, we understand the difficulties in managing resources and ensuring a business runs smoothly on limited funds. Because we work with several local businesses and third party organisations in the Bristol Area, we have an advantage in being able to see quickly how local searches are changing. Our own marketing aims mirror many of our client, sharing a target market and working in the same Bristol area. This allows us to better get to grips with our clients’ issues and gives us a good local knowledge that is fed into our clients’ marketing research and marketing plans.

For more information about mobile and local online marketing and SEO and how we can help Bristol businesses, email info@bristol-marketing.com and we’d be happy to discuss working with you to grow your business and improve your online marketing presence in 2015.